The only additive to our wine is a great story. 


Made with passion and a lot of hard work in the vineyard. Without the use of chemicals, herbicides, pesticides or other unhealthy products in the vineyard. Produced with their own yeast, unfiltered, none or very low quantities of sulfites used, organic / biodynamic grapes and of course hand picked. This makes our wines energetic, expressive and unique. 

Of some wines, sometimes only 600 bottles are made. We are then lucky to be able to get a number of bottles from it. Unfortunately, this means that many of our wines are only available once a year and hence gone = gone. Until the next vintage comes out, of course! 


1056HJ Amsterdam


Kvk: 73542199

VAT: NL.001124627.B89

IBAN: NL59KNAB0256298742

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