Els Vinyerons is a project of Amós Bañeres Merinero & Alex Ruiz Masachs from Penedès in Spain. Alex Masachs, famous for his cavas and Amos, an old pharmacist that had enough of his job and started to produce very special wines on his old family vineyards. The two winemakers believe that the only way to make wine is in the most natural way. Without using herbicides, pesticides or any enologic products in the winemaking process. Natural wine with local grape varieties, indigeous yeasts and no intervention or added sulphites. No filtration or stabilization. Wine made in the vineyard. They only select those grapes that are representing the perfect essence of the terroir and landscape, what shows their passion for making good wines and to produce low quantities of great, natural wine from Penedès. 

Amós Bañeres owns a small plot of 5,5 hectare vineyards in Vilafranca del Penedès where he produces natural wines with very limited intervention. Every wine has it's unique character, expressing the small plot of where it comes from. Mainly planted is Xarel-lo, Macabeu, Parellada but also some Garnatxa and Tempranillo from which he makes his Saltamarti wine. He cares a lot about stable, natural wines without additives and produces very limited quantities with the use of amphoras and old barrels. He started producing in 2011.

The soil of the vineyards from Amós vary from limestone, calcareous clay and sand on a small hill south of Vilafranca del Penedès. 

The wines we have from Els Vinyerons & Amós Bañeres: 


Saltamarti is the red wine made of Ull de Llebre (Tempranillo) and Garnatxa. Amos and Alex use two vintages to produce this wine. 10% of the Garnatxa is aged in old French oak for a year. 90% of this years Tempranillo in Inox. The clay and calcareous terroir gives the wine great minerality, next to ripe red fruit, blackberries and freshness.​



Lluerna is a blend of 10% 2015 Xarel.lo aged in old oak barrels and 90% 2016 in Inox. It is an elegant, expressive white wine, with a great minerality, tropical fruit, stone fruit and a full body.


Missatge is made of 100% Macabeu grapes, from a 2 ha plot of limestone. Direct pressed, then fermented and ages in steel tanks with lees and a bit of the whole clusters. Very expressive, mineral, yeasty white wine with a very good balanced acidity.




Stunning sweet wine made by Amós. Something really special. Made of 100% Macabeu grapes in a very old way of producing sweet wine. Direct press, then the must is boiled down gently so the wine reaches a high concentration of sugar and a very important, natural acidity. It's blended with a bit of Missatge wine and fermented for a very long time in an old big barrel. He makes only around 600 bottles of this. 


100% natural cava made from Xarello grapes. Granny Smith, elderflower and a good bubble. 


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